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Best Sports Bar Houston 2009 - Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings

2525 Rice Blvd.

Houston, TX 77005


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Readers' Choice: Sawyer Park

These days, mixed martial arts might be more popular than baseball and hockey combined, but in Texas, football is still king. And there's no better place to post up and watch a game than Buffalo Wild Wings near Rice Village. The food is better here than at most sports bars in town, and even the boneless wings, which usually are a letdown, hit the mark. The set-up at Buffalo Wild Wings is what makes it great, though. The big-screen TVs on top of the long tables are the perfect way to view a game outside of your living room. And if the Texans aren't your team, you're bound to run into some like-minded fans making fun of the locals.

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I'll second that. You can't even get them to put on the Astros. I know they are horrible, but this is still Houston right?


Uh, no. Terrible place, terrible food.

The correct answer is Trey's Sports Bar on Fountainview.