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Best Sports Radio Talk Show Houston 2009 - John & Lance, 1560 AMThe Game

Readers' Choice: Charlie Pallilo, KBME

When we gave John Granato and Lance Zierlein this award last year, their show had only just started. Hell, their station had only just started. Fed up with the corporate stranglehold at KILT 610, Granato convinced investors to start up an independent sports-talk station in a market already crowded with sports-talk stations, and he convinced Zierlein to come along. Many predicted a quick demise, but these guys have only gotten better. Zierlein is a whiz when it comes to analyzing the NFL (his dad coaches in the league), and he and Granato are just plain hilarious at times. Perhaps the best bits: The "Pravda" commentator, who declares the magnificence of the Houston Texans — a salute to the hosts at 610 who pretend to criticize the team whose games they broadcast.

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Michael Hurst
Michael Hurst

Any one, and I mean ANY ONE, who thinks John and Lance's show, at it's best, is better than Charlie Pallilo's, at it's worst, in any way, shape, manner, or form is an idiot! Charlie dispenses more intelligent information and discussion by accident than these two clowns, if they had crammed for a week! John's command of, or lack there of, the english language is a joke! Why do you think, when people in the business, here in Houston, blunder they call it a 'Granado'?!?! John's best retort so far - "Oh, well, uh, Yeah! C'mon!" Shear brilliance! Lance, on the other hand, has flashes of competence - between the seemingly constant 'throat clearings'! Please! I suffered from the same thing. Or, should I say, my family, friends, and coworkers suffered with it, until I got treatment for it. Lance, go to the doctor, already! Geez! But, give them their props. They're better than Matt and Adam!


As an avid sports fan i can say John & Lance are hands-down the best in the business! they are freakin hiarious... a great start to each of my mornings!

congrats guys!