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Best Tamales Houston 2009 - Hugo's



1600 Westheimer Rd.

Houston, TX 77006


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The mushroom tamales at Hugo's are mind-blowing. Mushroom tamales may sound like an upscale spin on Mexican food, but they're actually very traditional. Hugo Ortega serves mushroom tamales as a side dish with lamb and makes another kind of mushroom tamal called a zacahuil for an appetizer. The zacahuil is made by layering banana leaves in a clay pot and then baking the tamales inside. Ortega explains that mushrooms are part of the traditional cuisine of Veracruz, Oaxaca, Puebla and Tlaxcala, and that people in these regions have been making mushroom soup, mushroom quesadillas and mushroom tamales for centuries. For a tour de force of Ortega's hit dishes, try the spectacular Sunday brunch. And don't miss Hugo's signature dessert, hot chocolate and the crispy Mexican doughnuts called churros.

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Hugo's restaurant, is as close as it gets to central-Mexico cookingthe chapulines (grass hoppers, fried and season with lemon and salt) are serve with fresh guacamole and hot-soft blue corn tortillas...and the "escamoles" are just as good...escamole is the larva from ants that live under the roots of agave plants, they arealso called Mexican Caviar, white in color, once cooked, they become buttery and lightly earthy, usually season with fresh onion, peppers and cilanto and serve with fresh-hot blue corn tortillas. A must-try