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Best Veterinarian Houston 2009 - Westbury Animal Hospital

It says a lot when you take your doggie back to an animal hospital that fed him poison — only for him to wag his tail, happy to see the staff again. (The poison was a form of arsenic, used to treat advanced heartworms, and the caring crew at Westbury successfully nurtured pet and owner through the ordeal.) The staff at Westbury truly and cheerfully provide 24-hour nursing care. It's a pet lodge, complete with VIP suites and a full medical facility featuring a gamut of services ("Senior Care," "Pain Management," "Pharmacy"). Westbury opened in 1958, but under owner Dr. L.D. Eckermann, recently went through a snazzy facelift, adding a soothing courtyard — and honors as Veterinary Economics magazine's Hospital of the Year for 2009.

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It's great that they will take post-operative pets in for boarding -- not all will do that. It's helpful for those who have a business trip. BUT: It's not so great -- actually pretty piss-poor -- when you discover the people who checked in the ailing doggie has misplaced the medical records; the meds, and the food! We called five hours after check-in, feeling funny about the admitted chaos going on. We were offered to see where the pet would stay, then almost immediately told by two people that "it was too chaotic back there." But such neglect cannot be blamed on one or two "rogue" employees--after all, if a dog's in ICU boarding, wouldn't someone have noted within five hours why the dog requires ICU in the first place?? And called the owner if no records (other than an ID) were available?