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Best Vietnamese Restaurant Houston 2009 - Que Huong

Que Huong

Que Huong

11201 Bellaire Blvd

Houston, TX 77072


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Readers' Choice: Mai's

The last time we ordered jellyfish salad, or "Summer Delight," the incredibly refreshing summer salad of mixed seafood served with crispy shrimp chips, our waiter at Que Huong (pronounced WAY HONG) told us to try something different. Beef and shrimp watercress salad is better, he said. But it comes with a strong fish sauce that Anglos find hard to tolerate, he warned. That's the thing about Que Huong — the menu is not designed with mainstream tastes in mind. Vietnamese Americans from the East and West coasts tell us that you can't find food of this quality at such low prices where they come from. You probably won't like the bitter melon or the greasy shrimp toasts, but try the tempura soft-shell crab. And don't miss that favorite cliché — the hot Vietnamese egg rolls that come to the table with a pile of cold romaine lettuce leaves and a plate of garnishes. Wrap the hot rolls and some herbs in the cold lettuce leaves and dunk them in the dipping sauce.

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I think Que Huong is one of the best Vietnamese places in town. The com tam (broken rice) dishes are awesome, and the weekend special My Quang is my favorite. The decor might not be elegant and may even be considered tacky, but the food is excellent. The Tofu Luc Lac is really awesome too. It's fried tofu with a sauce that's both slightly sweet and salty with a few sauteed sugar snap peas thrown in.

For those who require a more mainstream Viet restaurant, try Le Viet on Westheimer. It's owned by the same family, but caters to more non_viet folks.

Donny Wallace
Donny Wallace

Are you making fun of us or are you on drugs? Tofu Village kicked ass but wow: It was hell to find the place and in a rental car with a head rest blocking my visibility with agressive drivers cutting me off I circled around the strip mall for a while before i realized that it was by the magic nail saloon. The curse of someone backing into you at the post office. This place will never win a blue ribbon in its current state although it does have Asian pop. Then the food contained fast food style egg rolls and a spicy cold soup that was thin but good- in fact I got served two of them. There were these mint leaves to throw into the bowl as well and you munch them whole with your chopsticks. The main meal the heavily worshipped Jellyfish nest of whatever- with the exotic and rubbery mixtures of seafood plus some 4 star peppers and some kind of rabbit pellet/won-ton fragment on top and I don't know what else- it's an acquired deal- was refreashing? That is debatable- it needed like orange slices or something. But then my stomach left feeling healthy and I haven't had the doo-doo yet so you know... Then there are the Shrimp chips which were very cool- like a pork rind that is more like a rice cake with a slight hint of shrimp. I left most of my meal and the server chick boxed it for me so not to cause a scene I took it home and struggled with bad visibility in this PT Cruiser they stuck me with at the rental as the only one available to make it back home through the whole of Richmond or at least until the Jack In the Box/Stripper-hooker area of the famed street. Just as I was going to trash it but only after finishing the shrimp chips in the car- I didn't pay close to $30 for nothing and a coke which I tried to change to hot tea only- at least the coke was in the can but alas not the bottle- some kind of balsamic which is a deviant mixture in this delight of Jellies- spilt from the Styrofoam and on to the rental as well as my pants. I was just glad I made it home in one piece. You know if you want to go exotic and you don't have to pay the $15 cover charge then you can go exotic by eating the bugs from the vending machine at at the Natural Science and have the bouquet of fries as a side. It's a crunchier and cleaner taste and cooler and more delicious to me as well. But then again the Press raved about Clebornes which might be because it serves neon pink and neon blue cake and stuff. Well at least it does have some very good mid-Eastern sides. Man if I can't trust the press anymore then the Donny is going to have to go to the Fearless Critic. I better not be gyped when I finally go to Feast- I'm trusting you on that one Walsh!


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