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Best Whiskey Cocktail Houston 2009 - Poison Girl—Whiskey Daisy

Poison Girl—Whiskey Daisy

Poison Girl—Whiskey Daisy

1641 Westheimer

Houston, TX 77006


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There's something about ordering whiskey inside of Poison Girl that just feels right. It goes with the blood-red walls and the foreboding metal sheet that rolls down and covers the door and one window during the day, completely obscuring the place along the busy Westheimer thoroughfare. And they do it well. Order a slightly sweet and refreshing Whiskey Daisy from the bar — which looks to have been transported from the Overlook Hotel after a brief layover in the Sex Pistols' basement — sit back and enjoy the view. People-watching (and pinball-playing) here is among the best in town, and even better when you've got a highball glass in one hand.

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