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Best Band to Get Together in the Past Year Houston 2010 - Robert Ellis & theBoys

Since they got together this year, Robert Ellis & the Boys have reminded us of the country music we listened to growing up in Houston. From their Wednesday-night residencies to their stray gigs across the city, Ellis and his all-star Montrose band gave hipsters and oldsters a reason to want to learn how to two-step. Soon tattooed Buds and Sissys were popping up all over Westheimer and all points surrounding. With their mix of originals and covers ranging from Garth Brooks to Waylon Jennings to Townes Van Zandt, Ellis and the Boys also give the uninitiated a crash course in country music history.

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Robert Ellis
Robert Ellis

Thank you so much! Those are nice things you said but just want to clarify, we don't play any Garth Brooks!