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Best Bar — Montrose Houston 2010 - Lola's Depot

Lola\'s Depot

Lola's Depot

2327 Grant

Houston, TX 77006


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When you need a break from glittery lights and electro DJs spinning New Order jams and just want to drink your Jack Daniel's in peace, you go to Lola's. Housed in a dark building just off Montrose, Lola's Depot has been a haven for smokers and swillers for years now. It's our favorite spot to fall into after a hard week, day or month. The shadowy outpost boasts grimy walls littered with more than a decade's worth of band art and has a big back patio that's an oasis in a part of town that is steadily growing sadly pedestrian, infiltrated by amateur drinkers. With Mary's now gone on to the big dive in the sky, Lola's is one of the last bastions for the true, affable Montrose drunks.

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