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Best Bar — Outer Loop Houston 2010 - Molly's Pub (ClearLake)

Molly\'s Pub (ClearLake)

Molly's Pub (ClearLake)

902 Ramada Drive

Houston, TX 77062


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Molly's is Clear Lake's social ground zero, with only some dartboards and an Internet jukebox to distract you from good, old-fashioned boozing. Wednesdays are Big Ass Beer nights, when the haunt gets so packed it's almost stifling. Sure, there may be bigger and more upscale bars in the Bay Area district, but there's a feeling of home at Molly's that you can't find at the alterna-rocking Scout Bar or the boot-scooting Big Texas a few miles away. Get your cash in the jukebox early or suffer the consequences of an hour of Staind and Nickelback. We recommend Miles Davis's Kind of Blue.

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