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Best Burger Joint Houston 2010 - Sam's Deli Diner

Sam\'s Deli Diner

Sam's Deli Diner

11637 Katy Freeway

Houston, TX 77079


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The 35 years that Sam's Deli Diner has been in business have only served to make this neighborhood burger joint more authentic and more beloved as time goes by. Since moving from its old location across the Katy Freeway a few years back, Sam's has spiffed up a bit but hasn't lost that scruffy charm that has always encouraged kids in wet bathing suits to ride their bikes over during the daily noon closure at the local swimming pools to get a scoop of ice cream, construction workers to take their lunch breaks in its booths or businessmen to tuck their tie into their shirts before digging into a greasy jalapeño cheeseburger. Grab a shake made from Blue Bell ice cream and crispy onion rings or marvelously crunchy seasoned fries to go with your burger. You can count calories at some other joint.

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Jeez guys, don't blow your lids. This is best burger JOINT. You know, greasy spoons?

Best burger is a completely different award and went to the aged beef burgers at Block 7.


Be serious. Wait, is today April 1???

Jeff Mayes
Jeff Mayes

I would have hoped that fresh ground beef would have been a prerequisite to be judged as best burger in Houston. Everything mentioned - burgers, rings and fries - comes frozen in a box at this place. May as well have given the award to Sysco.

Christian's, Lankford, even the aforementioned Annie's all demand a recount!