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Best Cheap Thrill Houston 2010 - Hermann Park Train

Hermann Park Train

Hermann Park Train

6001 Fannin St.

Houston, TX 77030


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With new rolling stock recently expanded to add more leg and ass room, the now-50-year-old Hermann Park train and its $3 ticket still offer some of the cheapest and gentlest thrills in town. The choo-choo travels just fast enough to bring some relief from the heat, and now that it has added actual stops — one at the Museum of Natural Science, another at the Med Center and an actual connection to Houston's slightly less rinky-dink light rail train — it's not just fun, it's also (almost) useful too. Little known fun fact: Between eight and ten each morning, you can charter the Hermann Park train. With your own private train at your disposal, you can feel like a latter-day Cornelius Vanderbilt in your own hometown.

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