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Best Chinese Restaurant Houston 2010 - Shanghai Chinese Restaurant

Shanghai Chinese Restaurant

Shanghai Chinese Restaurant

9116 Bellaire Blvd.

Houston, TX 77036


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The family that owns this Chinatown eatery knows what it's doing. The salted pork ribs are a must-try here. Also get the wonton soup, a flavorful broth holding fresh dumplings packed full of ground pork. The noodle soup with brisket is too good to pass up, so you might have to make a choice to eat one dish here and take one home. In fact, all the classic dishes are done right. The fried rice is superb, and the lo mein is straight out of an old-school Chinese diner. The egg rolls are fat, flavorful and extra crispy, with lots of meat. The owner's entire family will be there to serve you, and you might see them sitting down to eat the same food you just ordered.

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It is great to see Shanghai finally get the recognition it has long been due! These people buy the freshest ingredients and prepare them to perfection. They will help you choose from the menu and will teach you to use your chopsticks politely. Everything from a quick lunch to a large birthday party gets the same care and attention -- and you will never be made to feel like the fly in the cup of tea!