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Best Demolition Houston 2010 - Savoy Apartments

How many places in the world have to shut down a whole city block because chunks of concrete are literally falling from the sky? That happened in Houston when pieces of the old Savoy Apartments — built in 1906 and the first building in Houston to have electricity — started crumbling away after years of neglect. But the city jumped to action, guarding the building with police officers, cruiser cars and yellow "Caution" tape until the apartments could be taken down, piece by piece.

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When breaking up thick chunks of concrete especially, the bit may get caught in the material. You can push down on the handle (make sure to shut off the tool before doing this) to lever the material up, or use a pry bar. Always observe safety guidelines when operating a jackhammer – they’re powerful destructive tools and should be respected as such


I tended bar @ the Savoy Hotel (the same building), back in the early '80s. I wish someone then, had given me the history of the hotel.


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