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Best Gas Station Houston 2010 - A to Z Food & Deli No. 7

A to Z Food & Deli No. 7

922 W. Alabama St.

Houston, TX 77006


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The gas station at the northeast corner of Montrose and Richmond used to be a full-service garage and repair shop, meaning the retail part of it was as cramped as most Montrose convenience stores. Now it's a big, shining example of how to do gas stations right. There's 14 pumps — in the middle of Montrose! — but inside is where A to Z Food & Deli really comes through. Sparklingly clean, the store not only offers a great selection of convenience-store stuff, it features a not-bad-at-all kitchen and deli, with subs, breakfast tacos, Philly cheese steaks and other items. The staff is friendly and eager, too.

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Uh, I am pretty sure the location is the corner of Montrose and W. Alabama, not Richmond.