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Best Gun Range Houston 2010 - Bailey's House of Guns

Bailey\'s House of Guns

Bailey's House of Guns

3626 Bluebonnet Drive

Houston, TX 77053


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Whether you're shooting your old family-heirloom deer rifle or just squeezing off some rounds with your new .380, Bailey's House of Guns will make any gun enthusiast feel at home. Located south just off Almeda Road, Bailey's is a family-run institution. The range shop is filled with massive stuffed beasts and loaded to the gills with any accessory you may ever need, be it ammo, carrying cases or other tactical gear. Saturdays and Sundays bring parents learning the basics of marksmanship, with children and older kids showing off their shiny new lethal toys. Just be sure to listen and be cool with the range instructors, seeing that they have your life in their hands.

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One word…REINVEST.From the landfill they call a shooting range to the shanty-shack cluttered with filth and opened merchandise re-hung but not re-packaged…or re-priced appropriately.From the disinterested chubby kid that acts like a spoiled grandchild behind the counter to the disinterested Hispanic male who thinks staying on the phone is more important than helping customers standing in front of him…REINVEST.The first thing you see when you walk into Bailey’s House of Guns is a bunch of trophy animals.Now typically this would excite a hunter but these are filthy and stacked in a corner with no rhyme or reason and it is depressing to think their fate was to end up here.No appreciation.This is indicative of the company itself.I went in to sight a few rifles recently and here was my experience:

I went to their dirty and disorganized shop and walked up to the counter where a nice black man was helping a customer.The old woman was making a gun sale and the chubby kid was walking around doing nothing.The black man assisted me in every way once he was finished with his customer.He was very nice.You could tell that the entire shop laid the burden of customer service on him.He did his best and it was fine.He set me up for the range and I went out the door thinking that the chubby kid should pick up a broom.

The Range Master was very nice.His range, on the other hand, was ridiculous.You do not set your target up.It is already set up and waiting.We were not allowed to go get our targets when we were done because there is never a shooting break.What kind of nonsense is that?The owner has trashy wooden tables with trashy stools and NOT A GUN RACK IN SIGHT.I had to find places to lay my extra rifles down.Thankfully (but not surprisingly) the rest of the range was empty so I laid my rifles on the surrounding lane tables.They have these crappy canvas bags that you are supposed to use but they have no sand in them.If you are lucky, you might find one with a little sand left.Completely unprofessional.So I make due.

I needed one of my rifles bore sighted so I went back inside the shop.Although there were no additional customers, I still had to wait until the nice black man emerged from the back of the store before I was helped.Chubby kid was just sitting around (still no broom).He directed the chubby kid to bore sight my rifle.Chubby grumbled, put a pissed off look on his face, proceeded to grab my rifle and stomped off to the back.He emerged about 45 seconds later.“You get 1 shot.If it’s not on paper, bring it back inside.ONE SHOT.”OK.One shot.Got it.Well, not surprisingly, it wasn’t on paper.I brought it back inside, waited for another 5 minutes while the black man assigned the bore sight to a Hispanic male who was chatting on the phone.I stood in front of him with my rifle for at least 10 minutes until I finally went back to the black man and asked if HE would bore sight it.He immediately went over to the Hispanic male and motioned for him to wrap it up and bore sight my gun.He did.I took my rifle back outside and it was on paper finally.

I will NEVER return Bailey’s House of Guns.There are PLENTY of gun ranges who care about helping customers and show it by keeping their stores updated, their ranges in working order and their staff in check.If you do go to this outdated hole in the wall, keep your expectations well below average and don’t let the chubby kid bore sight your gun.That boy don’t know what he’s doing and doesn’t care to learn.


There are a few range opening up this year, check them out for next year awards. Sportsman outlet (remodel-reopen) on 1960 & 59. Spring Guns and ammo on Spring Cypress.

Don't worry, I'm not working for either place nor working for any gun place. Just think they're new and really clean too.


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