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Best Hobby Shop Houston 2010 - Sew Crafty

"Everyone is welcome here — from the über-crafty to those who can't pick a sewing machine out of a lineup," the Sew Crafty Web site states. And the folks there mean it. Sew Crafty is as much about community as craft; that's why they host the monthly Crafty Cocktails gathering, as well as offer classes in sewing, knitting, crochet and screen-printing. There's a sewing lounge equipped with six Janome Sew Precise machines, so you can use the shop's hardware to work on that long-term project you've been putting off. They also can host private parties and baby/bridal showers. The gals behind Sew Crafty don't consider this just a paycheck; they have a passion for this stuff, and that makes for a warm, friendly, fun environment.

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Sewing and crafts are hobbies Keith - why do you think the big box retailer is called "Hobby Lobby"

Keith Freitag
Keith Freitag

Ummm, congrats and all but not what I would call a "Hobby Shop" in what a Hobby Shop is. This is a place that does Sewing related crafts and such. I'd reword the category and say Best Craft Shop but certainly not Hobby Shop.

PS - It's the end of September 2010 not December 2010, why is the Best of 2010 already posted? Wouldn't or shouldn't you wait til the end of the year just in case a better 2010 winner of any category is found? Just saying.