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Best Local Filmmaker Houston 2010 - Johnette Duff, screenwriter/director of Up & Down

Screenwriter Johnette Duff was at a film industry conference when someone told her a secret: Keep your costs low by shooting at just one location. Duff took an elevator down to her next meeting, and by the time the elevator doors opened a minute or so later, she had the concept for Up & Down, a movie that takes place inside a hotel elevator. Shot in Houston with an almost entirely Texan cast and crew, Up & Down follows the exploits of a hotel assistant through the course of a year as he chases the girl of his dreams, copes with drunk conventioneers and deals with his boss's wayward daughter. The film had a premiere at the River Oaks Theatre a few months ago and is currently making the rounds on the festival circuit.

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Dave Lapham
Dave Lapham


Way to go. You're really hitting your stride.


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