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Best Local TV Talk Show Houston 2010 - InnerVIEWS

Local TV talk in Houston tends towards either somewhat dreary, earnest discussions of public works budgets, or breezy, content-free slam-bang interviews with celebrities plugging projects and repeating what they've said in a dozen cities. Ernie Manouse's InnerVIEWS, despite its terrible title, is a welcome exception. He goes the national route, since his KUHT show is syndicated, but he actually prepares for his interviews and — more important — listens to what his guests say, taking the interview wherever it might go. His most recent season featured people like Ken Burns, Jerry Herman and Michael Dukakis — not exactly a Jay Leno-level of celebrity, but all interesting people who got a chance to talk in depth.

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Karen Pyle
Karen Pyle

I think InnerVIEWS is one of the most informative and entertaining talk shows on television. Ernie Manouse is able to make his guests feel very comfortable with him, which often allows them to share things they might not with another host. Plus, I love the variety of guests he has on his show. I plan to be watching as long as the show is on the air.


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