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Best Place to Buy an Engagement Ring Houston 2010 - Queen of Heirs Antique and Estate Jewelry

Queen of Heirs Antique and Estate Jewelry

4901 Locust St.

Bellaire, TX 77401


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As a young woman, jewelry shop owner Robin Lindberg was dubbed the Queen of Heirs when she inherited a trove of estate jewelry from a wealthy aunt in New Orleans, the sort of woman who would assuage the travails of a bad day by spending $5K on a ring. Years of training and education later, Lindberg used that windfall as the cornerstone inventory of her now-thriving downtown Bellaire shop. (The little pink house on Locust is her second location.) Estate jewelry is Lindberg's passion, and it shows — and not just in the fairly priced wares in her meticulously curated display cases. Even on days she's suffering from a migraine, Lindberg's eyes light up when talking about, as she frankly terms it, "dead people's jewelry." And somehow, it seems more romantic to buy your loved one a ring from a marriage that lasted until death did its part rather than one that is new and untried. (Plus, in buying vintage or antique stones, you fair-trade types don't have to worry about that whole blood-diamond nightmare.) And as with Cadillac cars, heavyweight boxing champs and sweet soul music, engagement rings are one of those things they just don't make like they used to.

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Robin was so helpful and sweet when my fiance and I picked out/designed my engagement ring.  After buying the ring, we compared the diamond he bought to the chain jewelry stores, and WOW...what a steal.  We're talking half the price.  Also, the appraisal came back much higher than what he paid for it.  I'm in amazed by the quality of product and service we received.  I love my ring and am so proud of where it came from. 

Won't return to Queen of Heirs
Won't return to Queen of Heirs

Allow me to express my extreme dissatisfaction with my recent experience at Queen of Heirs. Hopefully I can help prevent others from having the same misfortune.In September I purchased a $300 pair of pearl earrings from Queen of Heirs at the recommendation of my mom who had read about them in a Houston magazine touting them as a great place for jewelry. After a week of wear one of the pearls came unattached from the post. Fortunately it happened as I was taking them off so I didn't loose the earring. I immediately called Queen of Heirs to have it fixed. As I was living in Madison, Wisconsin at the time I wasn't close by so Robin Lindberg (the owner) offered to either have me ship them to her, or have her pay for someone in Madison to fix them. Wanting to ensure quality work on my earrings and maintain the consistency of having them fixed by the source of purchase, I chose to have them shipped back for Robin's jeweler to mend. I received them back quickly no worse for the wear, and wore them daily for the next several months. They were cared for with love (back in their box every evening) and worked great until two weeks ago when one of the earrings came unattached again- fortunately it happened when I was removing the earring so I was still able to keep the pearl. Disappointed with how unreliable the earrings had become, I chose to return to Queen of Heirs, believing they could either fix them again, or return them so that I could find earrings that wouldn't fall apart. Upon arrival to the store and talking with Robin about the issue, she immediately became defensive and abrasive, stating that she would not return them. She claimed that I had gone to another jeweler to have them fixed (I absolutely did not) and that I had damaged them. She claimed she could not be held responsible for anyone else's work (no one but her jeweler touched them) and that she certainly couldn't do anything for me seven months after purchase as she didn't know what I did with them when I wasn't in the store (in my experience, high end retailers will service you for the life of the good ex: David Yurman, Cartier, Neiman Marcus, etc). When mentioning to her that other luxury retailers provide far better customer service and repair/exchange service I joked that Claire's would give a better outcome in this scenario. She then observed my outfit and jewelry and stated I would be better off shopping at Claire's and Dillard's (please note that my earrings at the time were hand made by a high end designer, my necklace was diamond and gold from Iran, and my clothes were boutique designer labels). I know fashion and high end would appear that she does not, which is surprising given the industry she has chosen to specialize in. What is also shocking is how she chose to handle this situation. I've worked with customers and clients for years on both sides of the table and have never witnessed such atrocious behavior. I will NOT return, and I encourage you to do the same. She called me a liar, insulted my wardrobe, and was exceptionally patronizing. Fortunately I didn't witness this event alone, my mother and sister were with me, they too could not believe what they were witnessing, and the shop girl in attendance seemed in shock as well. While I can easily write off a pair of earrings that have no sentiment around them, remember she's rated as the "Best Place to Buy an Engagement Ring" in Houston….. I wouldn't want anyone else to experience the same terrible encounter with a piece of jewelry far more expensive in money, memory and sentiment.


I bought my fiance her engagement ring there. Robin is sooooo fun to work with, and very patient for us absent-minded men who don't know the difference between a D and E color. My jaw dropped when I saw the appraisal compared to what I payed for it. She has a customer for life now.