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Best Place to Watch Ultimate Fighting Houston 2010 - Bam Bam Martial Arts

Bam Bam Martial Arts

Bam Bam Martial Arts

4007 Bellaire Blvd.

Houston, TX 77025


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Around the city and especially the suburbs, there are tons of sports bars, strip clubs and Hooters locations that seem to promote every big UFC fight. But that's likely to be a miserable experience if it's the fighting you're really interested in. So to see some real fighting, and maybe even some real blood, head over to Bam Bam Martial Arts. Fighters are constantly in the gym, and while you won't see Chuck Liddell or Matt Hughes, you will see guys beating the hell out of each other. The place is run by Scott "Bam Bam" Sullivan, who also hosts In the Cage, a mixed martial arts radio show on Houston's 97.5.

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