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Best Radio Host (Talk) Houston 2010 - Michael Berry — KTRH

Michael Berry might be too conservative for some, but we like how he has his finger on the pulse of Houston's hot-button issues. We like to tune in after work to see what he makes of the day's events, even if we don't always agree. Often controversial, always compelling, he doesn't talk over his callers like many of his right-wing talk show brethren; he actually tries to engage his callers, even — or especially — if he doesn't completely agree with them. He's a smart guy, and he understands politics and people from all walks of life. It makes him extremely listenable, and — dare we say it? — likable.


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Fred Mitchell
Fred Mitchell

Thanks for trying to wake up these people.I still have your clip, for before NOV, I told my girl friend, the only democrat I was voting for is one running for dog catcher.Keep up the good work. sincerity Fred Mitchell Ore

Spiro J. Pappas
Spiro J. Pappas

Michael, I listen to you regularly and I wanted you to speak about an issue that I think may solve some of our problems. What do you think about drafting retired people like young men for the army and they serve in the govt. for four or six years, and the only salary would be their expences while they are working in Wash. or Austin. They all ready have their SS and insurance and they are basically financially set. They would be less a target for the lobbyist.Than we would not need all the expensive retirements, and special insurance for them.Please let me know what you think of my idea. I would be the first volanteer. I am only 75 years old and getting bored.Spiro J. Pappas


I work nights. About 10 yrs ago, I was turned onto Art Bell. Most days, I'd fall asleep, w/the dial there. After I awakened, before I was coherent, I'd sit & listen to Chris Baker. Baker kept me returning to 740 ..AM. After Berry negotiated his way, into managing KTRK(upon leaving City Council), and----Baker was fired. Suddenly, Berry had a 5 day a week show. I quickly switched off. Baker was independent.


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