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Best School Houston 2010 - T.H.Rogers



5840 San Felipe St.

Houston, TX 77057


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Somehow, T.H. Rogers keeps coming up with great principals who embody the school's unique mission. That mission involves melding two distinct populations: Vanguard students who attend the gifted-and-talented magnet program from kindergarten through eighth grade, and deaf and multiply impaired students of all ages. Managing things can be a tricky adventure requiring lots of patience, but principal David Muzyka manages it, most of the time with a smile. The school continues to turn out terrific kids who go on to do great things, and who have benefited greatly from their Rogers experience.

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Monica Ho
Monica Ho

Thank you Houston Press for recognizing a school and principal that is a unique and significant landmark in HISD's repertoire. T.H. Rogers is not only different for its student population of deaf, multiply impaired and gifted & talented kids, but for the mixture of socio-economic and cultural aspects as well. Kudos to HISD for providing this environment for such a diverse group of kids to interact and learn from one another.

Nathan Miller
Nathan Miller

I went to Rogers from 4th-8th, at which time David Muzyka was an assistant principal. The man was totally awesome then, and I can only imagine that is still true.

There's no question in my mind that Rogers is the best school in Houston.