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Best Seafood Restaurant Houston 2010 - Sinh Sinh Restaurant

Sinh Sinh Restaurant

Sinh Sinh Restaurant

9788 Bellaire Blvd.

Houston, TX 77036


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Sinh Sinh is the go-to seafood restaurant in Chinatown. Open till 2 a.m., it offers a list of traditional favorites that reaches into the hundreds, offering hot pots full of crab or lobster, softshell crabs with pepper, congee with mixed seafood, Dungeness crabs with beer, lobster baked with cheese and even blue crabs baked in butter. The list goes on. It's fast, fresh and always open. The prices are reasonable for seafood, and if that doesn't keep you coming back, the people-watching will. Sinh Sinh is always a good time.

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Good price and good chinese style seafood. But maybe it's the best in chinatown? I think there are many more seafood place that also taste great.

Keith Freitag
Keith Freitag

"Sinh Sinh is the go-to seafood restaurant in Chinatown" to quote from the write up. It's not the Best Seafood Restaurant, it's the Best Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown. I've had better seafood at locations all over Houston than here.