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Best Taco Truck Houston 2010 - Taqueria Jalisco

Taqueria Jalisco

Taqueria Jalisco

408 Old Galveston Road

Webster, TX 77598


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Readers' Choice: Fusion Taco Truck

Nestled in the Spring Branch area of Houston lies gleaming-clean Taqueria Jalisco. Pick your meat and how you want it — in a torta, taco, etc. — from the posted menu on the side and wait to be wowed. The cooks do not skimp on your servings, and each plate comes with thin-sliced radishes to help kill the heat and clear your palate in between bites. Sip on a jumbo horchata or apple soda to put out the fire of the salsa, which sits in a bowl on the countertop. The waitress described it as "very pico." She wasn't kidding.

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This is the wrong address. This should be 2322 1/2 WIRT RD HOUSTON TX, 77055