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Best Tex-Mex Restaurant Houston 2010 - Pico's Mex-Mex - CLOSED

Pico\'s Mex-Mex

Pico's Mex-Mex

5941 Bellaire Blvd.

Houston, TX 77081


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Readers' Choice: Chuy's

In the heart of old Bellaire lies one of the city's best restaurants, for Tex-Mex and for interior and coastal Mexican as well. Although Pico's, headed up by the venerated Arnaldo Richards, has been serving the neighborhood since 1984, the restaurant has always managed to fly just under the radar. It's never too full or too empty, the food is reliably delicious and Richards still pulls a few surprises out of his toque every now and then, like the soft-shell crab tacos that took the city by storm this past summer. With the weather cooling, it's the perfect time to grab a bowl of hot menudo — one dish that Pico's does better than any other in Houston — and relax with a margarita under the palapa-covered patio outside.

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If you are looking for a typical Mexican restaurant - greasy enchiladas and cheap margaritas then Picos is NOT your restaurant. If you are looking for traditional Mexican food served in a family welcoming environment then Picos is your restaurant. One can tell by the crowds who are willing to wait to be seated that the food quality for the prices is outstanding. I appreciate that Houston Press recognizes the difference between drive through Tex Mex and Mexican food. Thanks and after 25 years, we love our Picos Mex Mex.


This undoubtedly is the most overpriced worst Mex food i've ever had. I haven't a clue why this place has the best of anything. Margaritas--overpriced, fajitas--overpriced, service/waitstaff--mediocre at best. 2 people can't get out of there for less than $60...and this is Tex-Mex? Houston Press really blew it this time.

Jim R
Jim R

While Pico's has some great food, it is called "Mex-Mex" for a reason. Not a thing you complimeted them making would be considered "Tex Mex.'

In a city like Houston, this is a really big screw up by the Press.