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Best Thai Restaurant Houston 2010 - Ginger Thai

Ginger Thai

Ginger Thai

303 Grasshopper Lane

Houston, TX 77079


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The collection of old houses and other charmingly rag-tag buildings that lie hidden off a road near the Katy Freeway and Highway 6 is a surprising enough find in and of itself if you aren't a veteran west-sider. But the discovery of some of the city's best Thai food in the midst of all this is equally surprising. The young Ginger Thai, which opened earlier this year, does serve sushi in addition to the Thai food, but it's the latter that truly shines. Pad Thai isn't overly sweet or dumbed down for American palates, while the som tam is a vivid tangle of shredded green papaya, carrots and green beans in a citrusy-peanut sauce with just a hint of salty, sea-tinted brine that makes it one of the most alluring dishes in Houston on a hot day.

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In my opinion The young Ginger Thai, is not the best Thai restaurant. I am Thai and I know how is the Thai food should be. I have tried every Thai restaurant in Houston I think The Thai restaurant that has the best Thai food is Anothai restaurant on F.M.1960. Most of Thai people I know say the same thing that Anothai has the best Thai food. The other Thai restaurant that has real Thai food is Thai spice they cook real Thai food not American Thai likes the others Thai restaurant.


I ate at Anothai on FM 1960. I ordered the sampler/appetizer tray and it was over priced for the quality and quantity. I wanted to try some of their chef specialties but was hesitant after so I just ordered the Kee Mao. Big mistake. The noodles were practically swimming in the sauce as if it was a Lad nah dish. I asked for spicy but got sweet instead. I didn't want to be rude so I boxed up my leftovers and threw it away once I got home. I am Thai and also know how Thai food should be. And FYI, there is no such thing as real Thai food in Houston. You want real, go to LA. I'm sure other Thais would agree.

The only Thai Spice that is "decent" since it is after all a franchise now is the one on Bellaire. Even then, their cooks aren't Thai.