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Best Used Furniture Houston 2010 - The Guild Shop

The Guild Shop

The Guild Shop

2009 Dunlavy St.

Houston, TX 77006


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The slogan at The Guild Shop is "Resale at Its Best," and we doubt that any city has a better resale shop than this Montrose gem. The store is run by St. John the Divine Church, and if you're looking for some cool used furniture, this place really can be heaven. From flea market rough to museum quality, The Guild Shop has it all. Some pieces are a bit expensive, like the vintage leather couches or bamboo chairs, but the selection is big enough that you can find what you're looking for on any budget.

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Samuel Nelson
Samuel Nelson

I never buy new furniture because there are so many less expensive options! Used furniture is pretty much the same as new furniture, except that you have to break in new furniture. What kinds of colors and designs do you have? Thanks for posting!


I totally agree with your article, Regina runs the furniture department with alot of passion. She also has great help, I don't know how she keeps up! All of the Guild shop employee's as well as volunteers do a great job and put in countless hours. I wish Regina would run for Government office!


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