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Best Weathercaster Houston 2010 - Casey Curry, KTRK

KTRK is home to one of Houston's most enthusiastic practitioners of "Hype the Tropics," Tim "Hurricane" Heller. Luckily, the station also has a more realistic meteorologist, Casey Curry, who doesn't portentously announce the need "to keep an eye on" every thunderstorm that might form in the Caribbean. Curry ably describes conditions and possible scenarios without trying to make everything seem like Armageddon. When she tells us it's time to run for the hills, we'll start running.

READERS' CHOICE: Frank Billingsley, KPRC

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Casey Curry KTRK Weathercaster is so beautiful. Is she married? I would love to take her out and get to know her. And I love those snug skirts and blouses she wears, fits perfect on that lovely body of hers.