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Best Beef Noodle Soup Houston 2011 - San Dong Noodle House

San Dong Noodle House

San Dong Noodle House

9938 Bellaire Blvd.

Houston, TX 77036


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The beef soup at Chinatown's San Dong Noodle House (formerly Santong Snack) is a rich, full-bodied potion, dark in color and redolent with the aroma of long-simmered meat. If you order the Roast Beef Soup Noodle, you get the broth plus a handful of baby bok choy, a pile of long, medium-thick wheat noodles, and diced, pickled vegetables. If you order the Roast Beef Noodle (and you should), you get all of the above as well as several large chunks of beef. Make no mistake: The richness of the broth comes from the fattiness of the beef. This is no soup for a diet. But boy, does it hit the spot. The staff can be a bit impatient if you dither at the counter about your order, but in part that's because of the line of hungry people behind you.
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Duffy Elmer
Duffy Elmer

Wow. This was one of the worst recommendations I've ever had. The Beef noodle soup was mediocre at best. Go somewhere else, like Pho Tau Bay.


Wow, totally disagree. Too much soy sauce, not enough bean paste, and pretty weak noodles. Star Snow Ice does it much better