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Best Cheap Seafood Restaurant Houston 2011 - J & J Seafood Market

J & J Seafood Market

J & J Seafood Market

3825 Wood Valley

Houston, TX 77025


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J & J is ostensibly a seafood market, with fresh flounder, red snapper, bass, shrimp and scallops on ice. More so, it bustles with eager customers lined up for the exceptional Gulf Coast-style fried fish, shrimp, and oyster dinners and combos. You get a choice of trout, drum, red, catfish or tilapia, and a large piece of it with three shrimp and french fries will cost $6.69. It doesn't stop there, with a menu of egg rolls, shrimp fried rice, gumbo, boudin balls and deep-fried everything else. You can watch the fresh fish being cleaned while you wait, and if you want to cook it yourself, there's a huge selection of any seafood seasoning that Texas and Louisiana have to offer. Reminds you why you live here.
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Ken D.
Ken D.

Of all the similar places I have tried in Houston, this is the best. I love that you can get fried rice instead of fries.