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Best Cultural Corner Houston 2011 - Bissonnet and Rampart

The run-down plaza near the intersection of Bissonnet and Rampart may not look like much, but this is no ordinary strip mall. It's the cheapest trip around the world you'll ever take. At Maru Grocery, Houston's one-stop shop for all things Ethiopian, you can buy fresh spices, just-made injera and a slew of Ethiopian cookbooks. For a bit of magick, head next door to Botanica Elegua, an Afro-Cuban voodoo and Santeria shop. A Mexican restaurant, Colombian restaurant and Salvadoran restaurant populate the rest of the plaza. Finish off your tour du monde with a sweet taste at Panaderia y Pasteleria, a Mexican bakery and torta store. Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Houston anymore.
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