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Best Dim Sum Houston 2011 - Dim Sum King

Dim Sum King

Dim Sum King

9160 Bellaire Blvd.

Houston, TX 77036


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Readers' Choice: Readers' Choice: Kim Son Restaurant
While some may lament its nontraditional choice to serve dim sum all day long, that's exactly the aspect of Dim Sum King we love most. Six days a week (it's closed on Tuesdays), you can get dim sum for brunch, lunch or dinner — and all of it good. There are no carts here, either; just a very cozy room with an à la carte menu. It's good for dim sum neophytes, too, as helpful photos of all the dishes and their English translations are listed throughout the menu. Turnip cakes and beef balls are favorites, but save room for fried bread at dessert.
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I can't DISAGREE with this choice more. I went to check this place out myself on a busy Saturday (from my understanding, that's prime time to go) and all I can say is "YUCK." The shrimp har gow was HORRIBLE, the shrimp in all the dishes didn't taste fresh at all and were way overcooked. The steamed pork dumplings started out good enough, but then every other bite was pure gristle. The deep fried taro puffs were embarassingly small and flavorless, and the steamed cream custard buns made me want to sob and shake my fist at the Gods for letting such an abomination be turned out as 'dim sum'.

Do not waste your time and money, or tastebuds, on this place. I know I *never will again*.