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Best Farmers' Market Houston 2011 - Canino Produce Co.

Canino Produce Co.

Canino Produce Co.

2520 Airline

Houston, TX 77009


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Readers' Choice: Readers' Choice: Canino's
It's possible to walk out of Canino Produce Co. with a good week's supply of produce for less than $20, which may be the least interesting thing about the sprawling warehouse-like facility on Airline Drive. Opened in 1958 and now occupying more than 20,000 square feet, Canino has any sort of fruit or vegetable you can name, fresh from the dirt (and about as cheap), and many more you can't — one time we stumbled across a whole bin of some kind of Italian squash, each about the size of a small baseball bat. It gets more interesting the further back you go, with cactus, dried peppers and all sorts of other south-of-the-border delicacies. Don't miss the good-size nursery if you're in a gardening kind of mood, and Canino's selection of sauces, salsas, salad dressings and garnishes — most of them homemade by mom-and-pop Texas companies — is equally impressive.
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