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Best Flack Houston 2011 - Kelly Cripe

If Cripe's name looks familiar, it might be because you've read her statements when she was with Continental Airlines, or her passionate involvement with a mayoral task force formed to fix the city's tarnished animal control department. More recently, embattled City Councilwoman Jolanda Jones tapped Cripe to help explain her side in an oft-confusing, largely idiotic investigation that hinged in part on whether Jones had used a city fax machine. Cripe either lacks (or is damn good at hiding) the hostility that a lot of flacks harbor toward the media; instead, she proved to be a reliable source of information and intelligent statements — even on deadline. We've never felt like we were getting the runaround with Cripe, whose dedication to her clients comes without ridiculous spin. To us media folk, it's remarkably refreshing.
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Elizabeth V.
Elizabeth V.

I haven't had an out-of-the blue hate-filled email attack from Ms Cripe in a while (believe me, she's FULL of hostility). Doesn't surprise me she's taken up with the least scrupulous member of our esteemed City Council, Jolanda Jones, nor does it surprise me that the Press would be singing her praises (Hi, Craig!). One question, though: If our (self-proclaimed) most ardent local animal rights activist is really so passionate about animals why would she hook up with Jolanda Jones? J-Jo has a proven record of adopting and losing MULTIPLE animals from BARC. How about a comment on that, Kelly, since Jolanda refuses to answer calls or emails from any of her former animal rescue buddies concerning the status of any of her adopted animals? How about some refreshing intelligent statements on that matter, Miss USA?