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Best Grocery Store Houston 2011 - Hubbell & Hudson

Hubbell & Hudson

Hubbell & Hudson

24 Waterway Ave.

Spring, TX 77380


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Readers' Choice: Readers' Choice: H-E-B
Who says The Woodlands is boring? After all, the suburb to the north gave birth to the coolest grocery store to come along since Central Market. And it's been such a success, in fact, that Hubbell & Hudson just opened a second location, the first being located in prime territory along the Waterway and across the street from Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. In addition to a fully stocked gourmet grocery store, this flagship location also offers cooking classes, a ready-made foods section, a full deli and an attached bistro that's making some of the best and most underrated food up north.
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Not to be mean-spirited here, but .... Really? First of all, H&H isn't even IN Houston -- it is in the Woodlands. And they don't offer ANYTHING that is above and beyond (or even better) than Central Market. I think someone "up north" stuffed the ballot box on this one.

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