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Best Junior Geniuses Houston 2011 - Daniel Yun and Amy W. Jiang, Bellaire High School

There must be something in the water. When it was announced in March that Bellaire High School's Daniel Yun had scored a perfect 2400 on his SAT exam, there was jubilation and high fives all round. Then in May, Houston ISD announced that another Bellaire student, Amy W. Jiang, pulled a perfect ACT score of 36. Odds of either one of them hitting these marks were astronomically low: Fewer than 300 students out of 1.5 million kids across the country taking the SAT reached 2400, and only 588 of nearly 1.6 million students were perfect on the ACT. Go, Cardinals!
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Thank you! But I think you're forgetting that there are many more geniuses in Houston - Alexandra Gibner and Vincent Su, also from Bellaire, received perfect ACT scores as well.

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