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Best Mechanic Houston 2011 - Arthur's Auto Service

Arthur's Auto Service

10840 Craighead Drive

Houston, TX 77025


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Readers' Choice: Readers' Choice: Tripp's Auto Tech
What you want from an auto mechanic is pretty simple: Competence, sure, but more than that you want someone you can trust, someone whose eyes don't light up as he looks under the hood and imagines all the wonderful things he can charge you for. Arthur Cruz fits the bill. His shop is tucked away in a southwest-side neighborhood, but it's worth finding. He's helpful, dependable and gets the job done without fuss. And he's got an A-plus rating from the local Better Business Bureau.
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This place rocks! Arthur's Auto Service is the only place my family goes when we need real work done. Arthur and his crew are dependable and honest and most of trustworthy!!! Customer since 2002.