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Best Mom and Pop Restaurant Houston 2011 - Mel's Country Cafe

Mel\'s Country Cafe

Mel's Country Cafe

4318 Telephone

Houston, TX 77087


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Mel's Country Cafe is a family-run establishment off the beaten path in Tomball that delivers on all the name implies. Diner tables fill the ranch house and add to the comfort factor when you step in. A 16-ounce chicken-fried steak anchors a menu that offers home-style victuals like greens, fried okra and catfish. The servers operate with a relaxed ease about them that you'd expect to find in the Tomball area. What could be homier than that?
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Who writes this? The write up says Mel's is in Tomball, but the address is on the far side of Houston from Tomball. Makes you wonder if the write up actually reviews the restaurant fro which the address is given.