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Best New Approach to Mass Transit Houston 2011 - Metro CEO George Greanias

Few local government agencies were as dysfunctional as Metro for the last ten years or so. Run by a secretive, defensive management that disdained transparency and any criticism, the agency ran up big costs, got little done and put Houston's projected light-rail system at great risk by trying to cut legal corners. Not long after Mayor Annise Parker took office, things began to change, and the biggest change was putting in George Greanias as CEO. A former city councilman and shoulda-been mayor who lacked only TV-age charisma, Greanias is a numbers guy who demands things be run ethically, cheaply, smartly and openly. For people used to dealing with the old Metro, the 180-­degree turns can sometimes cause whiplash. And yes, he needs better habits when it comes to porn and Metro computers. But if that's the biggest scandal of his time there, we'll take that any day as compared to his profligate predecessors.
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Houston should add street cars like San Francisco and New Orleans. It would ease the traffic downtown, midtown, and in the Heights if it was adopted. Houston needs every alternative it can get when it comes to mass transit. Street cars are simple and cheap and add aesthetics too. It would take cars off the road though, and that's the most important thing since the roads are congested and dangerous.