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Best New Astro Houston 2011 - Angel Sanchez

Clint Barmes brings more name recognition, but Angel Sanchez is the hoped-for future for the 'stros at shortstop. Raised in Puerto Rico, the six-foot-one-inch, 200-pound utility infielder has, as evident during the latter part of 2010 and during the early stages of the 2011 season, provided as much of a spark as anyone could for the struggling team. It's true that Sanchez, who can also hold his own at the second and third base positions, doesn't pack a lot of punch, but with mini hitting streaks here and there, the 28-year-old may very well be prime for a breakout campaign next season. Now let's see if the rest of these bums, uh, minor-leaguers, um, Astros players can follow suit.
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NOT Angel Sanchez
NOT Angel Sanchez

T-minus 2 hours until this absolutely idiotic "article" is removed by the HP, who will discover that it was actually written by Angel Sanchez.


Bums? Minor-leaguers? You are the HOUSTONPRESS. Have some pride in your hometown team. As far as "Best New Astro" is concerned, I'd have to give that award to Clint Barmes or Matt Downs. Both have performed as advertised or better.

I'm not sure where you got the idea that Angel Sanchez is the "hoped-for future" at shortstop.

Please let the sportswriters write about sports.


Wow, really, we had a bunch of new rookies that would fit that bill and you chose Sanchez, do you even watch the Astros this year?


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