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Best New Restaurant Houston 2011 - Pondicheri Cafe

Pondicheri Cafe

Pondicheri Cafe

2800 Kirby Drive

Houston, TX 77098


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There's nothing else like Pondicheri in Houston, not even Indika, Anita Jaisinghani's first and extant modern Indian restaurant in Montrose. Here in River Oaks, Pondicheri shakes up everything you thought you knew about Indian street food, offering Jaisinghani's updated interpretations for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even tea. Breakfast and lunch are counter-service affairs, inexpensive and filling, with items like a breakfast thali with a little of everything, or a frankie to-go (that's an Indian breakfast taco; give it a try). At night, the space is truly alive with a buzzing energy from the busy kitchen and the packed dining room, with table service bringing out immense plates of Texas shrimp chaat and clever wine-based cocktails from the small but inviting bar.
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Really? My first and only experience was bad. Food on the floors, food left on the bench seating, wrong order delivered (vegan girlfriend ordered Earth Thali (no meat) but got the Rancher Thali (nothing but meat!), no paper towels in either restroom (all they had were napkins which disintegrated in your wet hands). I'd give the award for "best place that has potential due to location."