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Best Place to Buy Music Houston 2011 - Vinyl Junkie - CLOSED

Vinyl Junkie

Vinyl Junkie

4202 E. Canal St.

Houston, TX 77003

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Another much-needed record shop was added to the healthy yet modest music-store scene when this East End indie swung open its doors on November 1. Owned by South Dakota transplants Titus Haag and his wife, Vinyl Junkie focuses on punk and hardcore rarities (though one can also pick up a reissued Elliott Smith LP from time to time), which means that crate sifters are likely to find efforts by White Flight, Flaming Tsunamis, Brain Killer and Acephalix. When you tire of rummaging through the titles, feel free to post up to one of the space's couches, where Haag's adorable pit-bull puppy will be at the ready for some quality spooning time. The shop also hosts punk and metal shows that end at a reasonable hour.
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whoohoo! Its all downhill from here! ;) Thanks Houston Press!