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Best Recovery Program Houston 2011 - Cornerstone Recovery Program

Readers' Choice: Readers' Choice: The Right Step
Got a teen in trouble with drugs? Cornerstone Recovery Program is an outpatient service equipped to help you and your child. Firmly rooted in the tenets of the 12-Step program, Cornerstone provides comprehensive A-to-Z treatment by a qualified staff, many of whom have personal history with addiction in their families. Cornerstone is concerned with long-lasting results, so each teen patient has an individualized treatment plan uniquely suited to their needs and family situation, with — here's the good part — realistic goals.
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This program has saved my son's life.  I can't imagine him anywhere else.  


Is this a joke? Cornerstone has been damaging kids for years, not to mention the Mandy fiasco recently. Teen and Family or Lifeway are easily better options for kids and their parents


totally agree cornerstone is an awful place. The kids are all over the top crazy

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