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Best Sexy Lingerie Houston 2011 - Top Drawer Lingerie

Top Drawer Lingerie

Top Drawer Lingerie

1101 Uptown Park Blvd.

Houston, TX 77056


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Tucked in Uptown Park, Top Drawer Lingerie is the perfect solution for those days when local ladies need a boost. And we're not just talking about the bras. The whole store is daintily feminine, and it feels like a parlor, complete with a chandelier. Lacy panties, silk teddies, and bras that will actually fit are laid out neatly around the store and hung artfully. Top Drawer isn't cheap, but on the plus side, you won't look or feel cheap. These pieces are classy. With undercoverings this cute, you're guaranteed to feel like a girl in a panty store.
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miami fashion designer
miami fashion designer

Dress in classical antiquity favored wide, unsewn lengths of fabric, pinned and draped to the body in various ways.


The lingerie market at the turn of 21st century was driven by the advent of modern technologies and fabrics that help in designing innovative products such as laser-cut seamless bras and moulded T-shirt bras. Designers are putting greater emphasis on rich-looking fabrics, laces, embroideries and brighter, more daring colors.