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Best Taco Truck Houston 2011 - Tacos Mayra Taco Truck

Tacos Mayra Taco Truck

Tacos Mayra Taco Truck

10510 Beechnut St.

Houston, TX 77072


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From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, this colorful taco truck located in front of a washateria dishes up some super-tasty tacos. What sets it apart from its competitors is that there's no scooping of premade filling onto a taco shell when you order here. All the fillings are finished on the grill, which means you will have to wait for your tacos to be done. The piping-hot tacos are oh-so-satisfying every time.  Flavorful, well-marinated pastor tacos burst with flavor; lengua are juicy and tender; chicharron are fatty and decadent; barbacoa hearty and melt-in-your mouth. Order on flour tortillas with everything on it (grilled onions and fresh cilantro), add some spicy salsa verde and prepare to take a trip to Mexico for just $1.50 each.
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"Best Taco Truck" is too broad. We need new categories for next year:

1. Best lunch counter in a Chevron.2. Best taco truck green salsa.3. Best tacos bisteca sold out of a Camry.4. Best Honduran.5. Best chile con carne over Fritos.

etc., etc.