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Best Barbecue Houston 2012 - Gatlin's



1221 W. 19th St.

Houston, TX 77008


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Readers' Choice: READERS' CHOICE: Goode Company

The line at Gatlin's never gets any shorter, but the city's barbecue fans keep coming. Could this one day be Houston's answer to Franklin's, outside of Austin? Perhaps, but for now it's our little secret. And the secret lies in Greg Gatlin's ribs, cooked low and slow over pecan wood, his fall-apart-good brisket with a thick smoke ring, his liver-laced dirty rice and his mother's homemade desserts — not to mention the smiles of the people who hand it to you over the counter of the small shack as you receive your bounty of barbecue after a long wait. At that moment, you'll feel victorious.

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For my entire life I have eaten BBQ at Goode Co. on Kirby.  I will never eat there again, not because its bad but because Gatlin's is THAT much better!!!  Words cannot describe how good this place really is.  It is a symphony of flavors in your mouth, a truly religious experience to eat BBQ this good.  You will want to cry and hug everyone in the kitchen.  It is amazing!!