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Best Boutique Houston 2012 - Hello Lucky

Hello Lucky

Hello Lucky

1025 Studewood

Houston, TX 77008


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An island of cool stuff made with love and by hand amid an ocean of crap cranked out by indifferent machines (or wage slaves in brutal sweatshops), Hello Lucky stands as an extension of owner Teresa O'Connor's nurturing philosophy. All of the locally handmade jewelry, clothing, accessories and knickknacks in Hello Lucky reflect her values, chief of which appears to be merely this: "Be sweet." (And "be funny," too: Her "It's okay to [heart] Houston" T-shirts are one of the funniest and wisest articles of locally produced legible clothing ever.) Over the past five years, Hello Lucky has transcended mere place of commerce to ascend to the level of "third place" for many a Houston artist and crafter, who drift in continually just to chat, gossip and sip O'Connor's chocolate-laced coffee. Don't miss the monthly "Craftaculars," in which one Hello Lucky artist hosts and curates an event spotlighting their own work and that of their friends.

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As the name says it "Hello Lucky", it is a place for both lucky artistes who get to showcase their work once awhile that gets sold to lucky customers who happened to be there at the time of the art display. Hello Lucky is a wonderful platform for local artistes to create exposure of their unique creations and for the locals to show their support for local works.