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Best Carpet Cleaning Houston 2012 - Oops! Steam Cleaning

Even though Oops! uses an all-natural pretreatment solution "made of citric acid or orange peels, so safe you can drink it," we recommend just enjoying an ice-cold lemonade while you watch the Oops! team bring your carpet back to life. One of the many things we like about Oops! is how the Web site explains the various ways unscrupulous cleaners rip off customers. It's like they're saying, "Here's how a bunch of jerks operate, and here's how we do it." Plus, they back up their work with a 30-day guarantee. And it's not just carpet, either — they'll clean your upholstery, tiles, rugs and air ducts. We like these guys so much that we sometimes deliberately pour gallons of grape juice on our living room carpet just to watch them perform their magic. Totally worth it.

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Steam Carpet Cleaning is a easy way to clean stain, dust or mud from carpet and make it odor free and newly looking.


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