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Best Coach Houston 2012 - Kevin McHale

Readers' Choice: READERS' CHOICE: Gary Kubiak

Yeah, yeah, we know: A late-season collapse meant no playoffs and a mediocre draft pick for the Rockets. So what else is new? The staggering finish made many fans forget that McHale got more out of his lineup than many expected for much of the season. And one of the ways he did it? Not taking whining or no-effort games from his players. He had no hesitation about giving such players time on the bench. That, of course, pissed off Kyle Lowry, who apparently was mad that Goran Dragic filled in ably when Lowry was out with injuries. But we're willing to take our chances watching McHale try to mold a team in his no-BS image.

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Phoenix Suns forward Luis Scola is the leader of the Rockets and McHale is the best coach in town?  You're just having a little fun at the expense of us poor Rockets fans, aren't you?  Way to kick a bunch of folks when they're down.