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Best Cocktail Bar Houston 2012 - Anvil Bar & Refuge

Anvil Bar & Refuge

Anvil Bar & Refuge

1424 Westheimer

Houston, TX 77006


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Readers' Choice: READERS' CHOICE: Anvil Bar & Refuge

Don't go to Anvil looking for a vodka and soda. The name of the game at Anvil is cocktails, and whether it's a Pimm's cup, a French 75 or something mixed with bourbon, gin or another spirit, Anvil's bartenders get it right, every time. What started out as a project among self-professed cocktail freaks Bobby Heugel, Kevin Floyd and Steve Flippo has emerged as the de facto cocktail standard in Houston. Each drink is meticulously handcrafted with specific measurements so that no matter who makes it, your drink will always taste as it was intended to taste. Other details, like the type of ice (crushed or cubed) or the type of glass used, have been planned thoroughly to ensure that every drink is perfect. The menu is updated on a regular basis to introduce seasonal specials, which may include fruit-based preparations like peaches and blackberries, or hand-made bitters, sodas and liqueurs.

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Sounds really exciting. Me and friends tried this cokctails at the  bars in east london and we enjoyed every drink we ordered. The names are also unique and different in which made us to order more.